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A wide-ranging category that includes everything to protect worker’s from head to toe, as well as Site and Job specific equipment to warn workers and those around them of potential dangers.

Safety Products


From Bandages to Insect Repellents, from Aspirin to Gauze and beyond, First Aid supplies are meant to keep workers on the job and are the GO-TO emergency supplies when needed.

First Aid Products


Combustible materials in all three states of matter:  Solid, Liquid and Gas present unique opportunities in the workplace so we’ll help you prepare and defend.

FIre Protection Products


Fort Collins and Local

What’s happening in the Fort Collins Metropolitan Area.

Colorado and Region

Worker Safety and Regulation in our State and Region.

United States and the World

Safety News from around the Country and World.

Regulatory Agencies

Doesn’t it seem like the word Acronym was invented for Government regulatory Agencies?  OSHA,  ANSI,  NIOSH,  MSHA, and on and on.   We’ll tell you who they are, why they matter (and sometimes why they don’t) and just enough info so you can win that beer on trivia night or show your boss why you deserve that big raise.

Buy Right and Stay Safe

Who makes safety equipment nowadays?  What’s the difference between one brand name and another? We’ll try to give you good, practical information about VALUE by comparing manufacturers quality and market emphasis and how you can use this information to get the most bang for your safety buck.

ABC's of Safety

The Regulators write the rules that nobody reads.  The Manufacturers put out the instructions that nobody heeds.  What is it that I really need?    So what’s this Blog about?   Getting good practical information in a nutshell about the basics we all need to know when it comes to staying safe while performing everyday tasks on the job.

Fire Safety - What Do I Need to Know?

Quick, practical guides to selection, use and maintenance of Fire Extinguishers and products related to the Fire Safety Field.

First Aid - What Do I Need to Know?

Quick, practical guides to selection, use and requirements of First Aid Products.  We hope to explore some of the lesser known First Aid items as well as help you to see why that Bandage is NOT a BandAid.

Gas Detectors - What Do I Need to Know?

Like everything else in Safety, there are a few basic concepts about gas monitoring and detection you need to know.   Master these and the rest falls pretty much in line.