Why You Don't Need an N95 Mask to Protect you from Corona Virus

On April 7th of 2020 our hometown paper, the Coloradoan interviewed me about using N95 masks to control the spread of the Corona virus or the disease Covid 19.  I told them the same thing that I still tell our customers today.  Here are the only two reasons to purchase and wear an N95 rated disposable respirator (dust mask):

1)  If your job requires the use of respiratory protection

2)  For use as an anti-Covid barrier.

Unless you are a health care worker dealing with sick people on a daily basis (EMT, doctor, nurse, etc) these are two completely different uses.  The only other individuals who may require rated dust masks are those with respiratory ailments or compromised immune systems.

For the rest of us:  Wear a Cloth or Paper Face Mask.  Leave the N95s for professional and job-related use NOT for as anti-Covid device.  We don't need them and we can't get them right now anyway.

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